Plastering Machine

Plastering Machine

Isolocork Filler Spray Gun

It is the ideal solution for professional and residential applicators who already have a compressor and need a compact textured sprayer. In this way, it is capable of processing a wide variety of textured products, such as engineered cork.

Painting gun with 6 Lt cup for spraying cork. Air compressor connection. Optimized for painting of textured materials. Ideal for builders and applicators looking to save time during their medium-sized jobs.

Technical Data:

Weight: 1,200grs
Air Entrance: 8mm
Nozzle: 6, 7 and 8mm
Air Consumption: 145 L./m to 3,50Kg/cm2

Deposit capacity: 5L
Feeding System: gravity
Work Pressure: 5 to 8 bars
Operation: compressed air