Led Displays

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With a factory in Portugal and China, Publiduplo manufactures the complete range of led displays, for fixed installations, rental, sports, events, transparent, flexible, broadcast, advertising, retail, etc.

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Why choose a LED Display?


LEDs are one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century and is a reliable technology recognized throughout the world. LED displays are an excellent tool to broadcast business information with images and videos with amazing definition and colour range, emitting high quality images with low energy consumption.

LED displays are environmentally friendly due to their long durability which helps to save materials and reduced travel to ensure maintenance and possible repairs (which are minimum to none).

In order to programme a LED display all you have to have is a device with an Internet connection as the display is programmable for anywhere in the world. This brings more efficiency and therefore more profit.

Most important of all, a LED display will contribute to improve your company’s branding! A video or commercial will get the customers attention and invite them to remember your company and experience what it has to offer. Moving images help to retain the advertising memory!