Our VMS (Vairable Message Signs) LED display are the most advanced system for outdoor providing cristal clear up-to-the-second information. Higher brightness warranty perfect viewing even with strong front sun light. Automatic brightness enables perfect viewing at any time of the day. 

The fullcolor display with 8mm pitch allows the ideal highlighting of various types of information: time, information, danger, safety information, etc.

Simplicity is also in control. Our displays can communicate by 4G, ethernet, Wifi or by simple API integration and easily connect to the existing system.
On and off time automatic programming.
Scheduling daily, weekly tasks …

Technical Specifications:

  • Pixel pitch: 8mm
  • Brightness: >7.000 NITs
  • Color capability: Fullcolor
  • Viewing angle:
    • H: 160º
    • V: 160º
  • Service: Back service
  • Control: Synchronous – Asynchronous
  • Power: AC 110/220V 47-63Hz
  • Communication: Ethernet; Wifi; 3G; API integration
  • Brightness: Automatic