Isolocork Filler

Isolocork Filler

Cork coating for in or outside application.

Isolocork filler is an indoor or outdoor coating for those who need humidity insulation, remove fissures, and repair damaged walls due to minor paint defects. Excellent thermal insulation, breathable and water repellent.

Very easy and quick to apply, this product is the best solution for anyone who has cracks. Projection application, no need to change door and window sills, remove water pipes, etc. Can be applied on curved surfaces, chimneys, and on almost any surface (cement, wood, metal, etc.), it is an excellent fire barrier and does not release toxic smoke.

Thermal Insulation

Fire Retardant



Water Repellent

Technical Data:

Consistency: paste
Maximum application thickness: 3/4mm.
Minimum application thickness: 3mm
Thermal conductivity: 0.061 W/ n.K
Vapor permeability: µ 2.97
Fire resistance: class A1

Storage: 12 months.
Consumption: 0.650Kg/m2/layer.
Application: by spraying
Colors: ral
Packaging: 10Kg bucket

Spray Gun

This spray gun is optimized for applying Isolocork Filler.